Special Admissions

Admission for Short Programs, Summer Camps, Workshops & Application Deferment.


Admission requirements

There is no requirements with exceptions for our workshop and short courses programs. Any one who is interesting in the topic can join the classes. If programs we offer has prerequisite, we will provide the prerequisite classes for you to help you advance.

Application Deferment

For whatever any reason, candidates admitted to the degree program or certificate program may request admission deferment to a subsequent trimester. If a deferment request is accepted and honored, candidates may be granted a deferment up to two trimesters (including summer trimester) beyond that for which they were originally accepted.

During the first enrollment, the candidates must meet the requirements of the curriculum in effect instead of the originally admitted trimester.

Admission deferment over two trimesters must formally reapply for graduate admission and readmission is not guaranteed.