Students admitted to the degree or certificate program who withdraw from the university over two trimesters or never register and never file a request for deferment, must formally reapply for graduate admission.

Applicants readmitted must meet the requirements of the admission standards and curriculum in effect at time of readmission. There will no deferment granted for readmitted students. Students must enroll for the respective trimester.

Return from Leave of Absence

All students who are returning to the University following a leave of absence or placement on inactive status pursuant to the Administrative Policy: Leave of Absence and Readmission. Student must fill out Application for readmission, Return from Leave of Absence form and submit it to the Graduate Office.

Returning from a Leave of Absence. Submit the form to the Graduate Office in order to register. You will be reactivated at the University following the terms of your leave of absence. If you r leave of absence was for more than one year (i.e., three trimester), you may be held to new program requirements upon your return.

Colleges may condition the timing or your return to a program on availability of space. Your return may be denied based on crimes or other serious misconduct occurring during the leave that would have been grounds for suspension or expulsion had your engaged in the conduct while enrolled.

You must also submit any official transcript(s) of any outside course work since your last attendance at the SJPU to the Registration Office.