Requirement/Credit Transfer under MSMC

MSMC Degree Requirements

36 credit hours of course work with cumulative GPA 3.0 or above are required to award a MSMC degree by San Jose Polytechnic University. Students are required to complete 18 credit hours of core course plus 18 credit hours of concentrating electives in a specific area. Core courses requirements will prepare students with general background in Mobile Computing Systems practices. Concentration electives will prepare students in particular functional areas.

Currently SJPU MSMC degree program offers two concentration areas, namely Mobile Applications and Mobile Systems. To declare a concentration, students are required to complete 12 credits of course work in a designated area beyond core course requirements. Students do not have to select a concentration or, once chosen and started, do not necessarily have to complete the concentration in order to graduate.

Graduate Transfer Credit

SJPU accepts transfer credits up to a maximum of 9 qualified graduate level credits from other accredited universities located in US under the following conditions:
(a) The course was functionally equivalent to course offered by SJPU’s MSMC degree program.
(b) The course work appears on an Official Transcript as per admissions requirements.
(c) The course was a graduate level course and had been awarded graduate credit.
(d) The grade of the course was equivalent B or better.
(e) The course and credit was part of MSMC degree program and had not been used to obtain MSMC or other master degree prior to application to SJPU MSVE program.
(f) Graduate transfer credit is not automatic and is granted on a course by course basis only.