Library Policies

Library Learning Resources

The San Jose Polytechnic University (SJPU) will have an on-site library with the collections covered on Engineering, Computer Science, Business, and General Education areas to support the academic programs. The university library will serve students and faculty at no cost and you are allowed to check out the books or use the resources by obeying the library policy.

The university also encourages students to use on-line learning resources. The followings are digital library resources for our degrees and certificate programs. The sources for digital library require fees of $85.00 (paid by student) and all the services can be accessed through web browsers including IExplorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

Digital Library (paid for by student):

a.       ACM:

b.      IEEE:

c.       SPIE:

d.      Springer:

e.       Safari:

f.       Knovel:

g.      AMA:

The laboratory is opened Monday through Friday from 11:00am to 9:00pm, Saturday hour is from 11:00am to 5:00pm. The library is closed on Sunday and all school holiday. The librarian assistant is available for general questions and assistance during open hours.

Library Policies

  1. Library Environment:  Loud talking, running, and game playing are not permitted in the library. Writing, underlining, marking, leaving paper clips or post-it notes in library materials is strictly prohibited.
  2. Checkout Period:  The regular items can be checked out for 4 weeks.  The textbooks and reference books listed in the course syllabus can be checked out for only 2 weeks.
  3. Renewal policy: Each checked out item can only be renewed once.
  4. Checkout limit: The maximum number of items you can check out at any time is 6.
  5. Penalty:  Any of late return item (within 7-day grace period) will be charged.  For regular items, $0.50/per day for each item.  For text and reference books, $2/per day for each book.  All library materials they have checked-out and not returned after a seven (7) day grace period from the date the item was due will be subjected to a replacement cost.  Such materials will therefore be declared as a lost and the office will be notified to assess the following fees per each item:

–  If the item is still available from the publisher, the student will be charged the regular cost of that item.

–  If the item is not available from the publisher and is deemed to be out-of-print, the student will be charged by the following additional standard fees per volume: (a). Paperback books: $70.00; (b) Hardback books: $90.00