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How to Apply

Use your full, legal name consistently on every application and every document you submit. This includes financial aid forms, transcripts and test scores. Avoid using nicknames as this will lead to delays in application processing and admission notification. If you allow another person to fill out the application, you are responsible for meeting all requests for information and deadlines. Also, be sure to have copies of all transcripts and test scores to reference during the application process.

All inquiries about application or admissions process should be directed to:

San Jose Polytechnic University
Office of Admissions
1631 North 1st Street, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: (408) 564-6389 Fax: (408) 886-9293

Applications will not be processed and reviewed by the Graduate Admission Committee untilĀ all documents have been received along with the application fee.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines for graduate admission applications are listed below:
For 2017 Fall trimester admission deadline: August 11, 2017
For 2018 Spring trimester admission deadline: December 8, 2017
For 2018 Summer trimester admission deadline: April 6, 2018


You are a applicant who has earned a bachelor's degree and wants to pursue a master's degree from one of our graduate programs.


Transfer credit requests are reviewed and approved by the Academic Department, and the President. Credit shall be awarded only for actual coursework at the graduate level completed in the specified are of the curriculum.


You have not attended SJPU for the past two consecutive semesters but would like to return to school to complete your degree.


Certification programs offered at SJPU.

Special Admissions

Admission for Short Programs, Summer Camps, Workshops & Application Deferment.