Micro-controller for web Programmer

Course Hours: 30 hrs

Course Time: 10/30/2017 – 12/6/2017

Course Arrangement: Every Monday & Wednesday 6pm - 9pm for 5 weeks

Fee: $850

Prerequisite: Interest in Electronics

Category: Hardware / Software

Job Opportunities: IoT applications which require knowledge of hardware and software

Course description:

This introductory course covers hardware basics. We will discuss concepts of hardware devices such as microcontrollers, associated peripherals (such as Timers, Analog to Digital Converters, Interrupts) and interfacing using serial protocols such as I2C, SPI and UART.

Participants will make use of two popular single board computers to interface with variety of sensors.  Code optimization techniques (using C) will be discussed to write code that can fit in memory constrained devices

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand how physical devices connect to computer using digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output and serial interfaces
  • Read a physical device and write an output to it.
  • Interface sensors using UART, I2C, GPIO and SPI interfaces
  • Review C programming language
  • Use of Arduino & Eclipse/GCC based programming environment
  • NodeJs to control with hardware


Dr. Rahul Dubey