Academic Requirements for Certificate Programs

San Jose Polytechnic University (SJPU) California offers certificate programs in several professional disciplines. These certificate programs are designed to provide interested students with intensive knowledge and skills in a focused area at the graduate level. Certain certificate program courses are in-line with the graduate degree curriculum but the time required to complete the certificate is much shorter than an advanced degree required.

Certificate programs are suitable for those professionals currently working in high-tech industry or global business sectors who wish to update their knowledge or enhance their skills or those who are interested in changing their careers.

Students must maintain a minimum grade of 2.0 (C) or above in each course if the student chooses the option of Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grade in order to earn a Certificate of Completion issued by SJPU. The P grade may be changed to a letter grade if the student chooses to take the comprehensive examination of that particular course for a letter grade.

Courses completed in the certificate program with a letter grade of 3.0 or above may earn graduate credits that may be transferred into a MS degree program at SJPU, upon approval of the Graduate Admission Committee.