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Bringing beneficial changes to society with developed thoughts and creativity is always a passion for us. Establishing a university is a serious and long-term mission. To provide outstanding academic system for our next generation is a goal that we have always carried in our heart. In an old saying, "Education is the root of our future." If it takes ten years for a tree to grow, it will take much longer for a person to pursue a completed education. Some people doubt about our faith while money is not the motivation for us to establish a university. But, we truly believe if we can establish excellent education program to our offspring, the fortune and resource will come after. Therefore, San Jose Polytechnic University is bored with four philosophies.

Enthusiasm along with dedication is the key to success. we are engaged with these young and energetic students to ensure their success with more than 17 years industry background in the Silicon Valley; a professor and administrator in two different universities for more than 15 years. Being educators with students in practical field after they graduate, we feel fulfilled with satisfaction and joyfulness from the bottom of my heart when my students apply their knowledge to work. Goal of establishing this university is to provide the intellectual environment to students and give back to the community.

Our program will provide highest quality of education to students. Quality of an academic program determines the future of the university. Thus, our academic program focuses not only in specialized subjects, but also in general knowledge of industry and marketing trends. We emphasize systematic education: from fundamental notion to a general overall concept. In addition, we attract and retain outstanding faculty and administrative who are well known in their field. I believe the strength and expertise of our professors are the keys to the success of our students.

Endurance development is the key to sustainability of our university. With continuously improved academic environment with school infrastructure and software will ensure efficiency and effectiveness of school administration. We will continuously have stable financial resources from private sponsors and public sectors to benefit more educational needs in our school.

We will establish good connections channel between students and professionals which is essential in the business field. The collaborative and innovative exchange with various industries will maximize the resources usage with efficiency to enhance the opportunity for all faculty and students.

We are proud to say that we are on the right path toward success. We believe the beauty of hard work will show in the near future.

The mission of San Jose Polytechnic University is to provide the advanced education opportunities in graduate-level degree and certificate programs that enable full-time and working adult students to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provide the leadership and service to their communities.


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San Jose Polytechnic University is located in the center of Silicon Valley. The main campus in San Jose is surrounded by a high-technology industry and many professional and business development activities.


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