3D Modeling

Course Hours: 30 hours
Course Time: 10/31/1027 - 12/7/2017
Course Arrangement: Every Tuesday and Thursday 6pm to 9 pm for 5 weeks
Fee: $850

Autodesk Maya Modeling

  1. Capable understanding of working in a production pipeline/environment.
  2. Comfortable creating almost any representational, non-organic object using digital 3D soft-ware, whether realistic or whimsical.
  3. In addition to modeling any realistic 3D object, the ability to color it, texture it, light it, and produce quality renderings in Maya.
  4. Fundamental knowledge of Adobe Photoshop as it applies to creating color, spec, and bump maps used in the creation of 3D models.
  5. Able to create realistic digital models which display a high-level of aesthetic sensitivity and judgment.
  6. Create high-poly count objects, bake normal maps from them, and apply these maps to cor-responding low-poly count objects.
  7. Model using a 3D package, any non-organic object in 3D.

Course Plan:

  • Intro to Poly Modeling
  • High Poly/Low Poly Modeling
  • Intro to UV
  • Texturing
  • Intro to Character/non-organic Modeling
  • Setting up basic skeleton for Model posing
  • Working with Photoshop to create textures
  • Final Critique

Kevin Han